STL name Proximity in their report on 11 innovative Edge data centre companies.

STL have again recognised Proximity’s leading position in edge data centre companies. We were the only UK headquartered company to be named in the report. Earlier this year we were spotlighted in STL’s report on Edge computing companies to watch in 2021. STL are the pre-eminent consultants in the rapidly growing sector of Edge Computing. … Read more

Banking on an Edge Future – read all about it

This very informative article in International Banker is well worth a read. The Importance of Edge Computing (17 February 2021) succinctly explains and underlines just how and why edge computing and edge data centres are hot property…adding value to businesses.  The article asserts “…when combined with edge data centres, which are usually smaller facilities also located close to the network, edge … Read more

Close enough to count: the case for regional edge colocation

A year or so ago there were over 500 hyperscale data centre in existence worldwide and a further 100 or so in the pipeline. But the explosion in cloud adoption – public and private – is not only driving demand for hyperscale data centres. Fuelled by the IoT and the arrival of 5G, the Cloud … Read more

Why coronavirus is driving the demand for data

Why coronavirus is driving the demand for data John Hall, Managing Director, Proximity Data Centres The rise in digital services has put a big demand on content providers. This looks only set to become even greater during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. There has been urgent, sweeping change across the UK, with many of us now … Read more

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