Banking on an Edge Future – read all about it

February 23, 2021

This very informative article in International Banker is well worth a readThe Importance of Edge Computing (17 February 2021) succinctly explains and underlines just how and why edge computing and edge data centres are hot property…adding value to businesses. 

The article asserts “…when combined with edge data centres, which are usually smaller facilities also located close to the network, edge computing’s processing power is further enhanced with processors positioned in those data centres, much closer to the actual appliances used and processes being undertaken.”     

As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to connect anything and everything, edge computing and strategically located edge data centre networks such as Proximity’s will help businesses like yours leverage the imminent arrival of high bandwidth 5G wireless communications, thereby maximising the IoT’s full potential: the inherent pitfalls of adopting overly centralised cloud business models can now be avoided once and for all, significantly reducing latency to enable real-time processing and cutting data transit costs.

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