Communico Networking Event

Communico Networking Event

Proximity Data Centres, the UK division of nLighten sponsored this years Communico Networking Event, at The Horniman Hays on 16th November. With a successful turn out of over 100 people. This event was a great opportunity to introduce our new UK Sales Director Justin Nesbitt whilst further integrating nLighten into the UK data centre market. The … Read more

Where’s the best place for AI?

In the 2nd of our series on the impact of AI on Data Centres we look at the question of where to locate the computational resources required by Artificial Intelligence models. There has been much coverage in the IT press about the huge demand from AI operators for data centre space and power. Some of … Read more

Edge Data Centres and Edge AI

AI and Edge DC

Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications often require significant computing resources and produce substantial data. However, transferring and processing this data in a traditional, centralised data centre can be slow and expensive due to network latency and bandwidth costs. This is where edge data centres come into play. AI is a foundational computer technology which promises to … Read more

Winning the Cloud Game

Cloud gaming

There’s a new game in town. It’s being driven by the major technology players. They’re on a mission to switch the current 2.5 plus billion gamers worldwide onto cloud-based gaming. But to win, they’re going to need more edge… Make no mistake, the cloud is disrupting the traditional video gaming market. It used to be … Read more

Why regional Internet Exchanges are vital to support the development of new digital services

The case for regional Internet Exchanges LINX, one of the first internet exchanges in the UK, was established in London in the mid 1990’s by a small number of ISP’s. At that time internet traffic was routed across the Atlantic to US internet exchanges incurring significant costs and time delays. The goal of the early … Read more

Winning the race to real-time in the Metaverse

Harnessing edge data centres to local fibre and 5G networks is key At the recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Meta was pushing the fact that the current network structures will not support the dramatic improvements in latency, symmetrical bandwidth and overall speeds required for the new generation of applications they are now developing for … Read more

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