Close enough to count: the case for regional edge colocation

2nd February 2021
The case for regional edge colocation

A year or so ago there were over 500 hyperscale data centre in existence worldwide and a further 100 or so in the pipeline. But the explosion in cloud adoption – public and private – is not only driving demand for hyperscale data centres. Fuelled by the IoT and the arrival of 5G, the Cloud is also contributing hugely to the growing shift towards distributed ‘edge’ computing.

With this, a new breed of regional ‘edge’ colocation operator has emerged

Proximity Data Centres is one of them. Why? To relieve the operational, productivity and customer service issues and costs that comes with network latency when relying on data centres that are too far away – at the other end of the country or even further afield.  

Our bag is to fill the considerable gap between micro data centres at the very edge of the network and the centralised hyperscale ones. How? By offering a network of high quality, secure tier 3 full-service regional colocation data centres. These are strategically located to major conurbations and towns making us ideal for businesses and service providers needing to get much closer to their users and customers. 

It’s worth knowing regional colocation facilities are not commodities 

They will vary considerably between operators. Apart from forward power, connectivity and security, other differentiators you should look for include energy efficiency, the calibre of onsite engineering personnel, the value-add services on offer as well as initiatives for reducing the management overhead for customers.

Proximity ticks all of the above boxes with it’s multi-tenant focused regional colo proposition. We offer businesses all the benefits of being close enough to count when it comes to seriously reducing latency, data transit costs and rack space pricing compared to London/M25 facilities. At the same time our interconnected network of regional data centres offers nationwide reach and enables diverse connectivity to ensure maximum resilience. 

In just 12 months our edge data centre network has grown to provide regional colocation coverage across the North, North West, the Midlands and South Wales. Our goal is to reach 95% of the UK population outside of Greater London by this time next year – watch this space for news of more locations coming your way.    

Find out more about our solutions for public cloud providers by clicking here.

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Partnering with our communities

Teaching first-hand digital skills to the next generation

We work with universities, local government and communities at our data centre locations to support a technical learning programme to prepare local young people for exciting new careers in the digital economy.

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Reducing our environmental impact

Developing a network of green data centres

Each of our data centre sites use renewable energy solutions, including battery storage, solar and wind power. Our grid electricity is sourced from 100% renewable providers.

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Keeping your customers connected

Overcoming latency to meet demand

Global businesses require data to be available without delays. We help reduce congestion, simplify delivery and get information to customers fast.

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