Proximity launches Guide to Edge Colocation in the UK

June 10, 2021

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    While you may be familiar with the concept and benefits of edge computing, it is all too easy to overlook the crucial role that ‘edge’ regional colocation data centres play in fulfilling edge’s potential. Yet without these strategically located data centres – close to our major cities an conurbations – many businesses and manufacturers can become increasingly constrained when seeking new and more responsive ways of serving their customers and users.

    With so much at stake, Proximity Data Centres has produced A Guide to Edge Colocation Data Centres, helping you make more informed decisions about moving your company’s data closer to users and customers.

    This free to download E-book will give you a clear insight into what to look for in the new emerging category of regional edge colocation data centres. It also includes concise, informative advice and guidance on a range of edge-related topics including physical location and the inherent distance- related network traffic bottlenecks and latency-induced response times experienced with centralised cloud computing models. The implications of 5G, optimising hybrid clouds in edge computing environments, and building the business case for edge computing are also covered.

    “London has long been the UK’s largest data centre market and will continue to be so, but there is a growing need for edge data centres to reduce latency and bring services closer to end users – especially as 5G, IoT and the use cases they will unlock come closer to reality. Highly-connected regional data centres near densely populated areas and business hubs will be the cornerstone of edge computing. In tandem they will deliver financial and operational benefits in terms of reduced bandwidth congestion and lower data transit costs, and free up internal resources to focus on driving growth instead of operating in-house facilities.” Sacha Kavanagh, Senior Analyst, Structure Research

    Download our Guide to Edge Colocation Data Centres today: Learn how to avoid unnecessary data transit costs while increasing your operational efficiency, productivity and customer loyalty. Don’t risk your company’s competitive advantage a moment longer.

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    A comprehensive guide to Edge Computing and how you can harness its power

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