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Edge 5 – Liverpool data centre

Proximity EDGE 5 offers highly secure colocation services for Liverpool and the North West of the UK.

Edge 5 allows you to place critical compute, storage, connectivity and technical support near to your customers in the North West by reducing expensive backhaul traffic and improving performance.

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Data centre features

Site space

Edge 5 at Liverpool has a net technical area of 22,343 square footage across multiple data halls. There is a full security presence with a 24×7 operation and the site benefits from full perimeter high security fencing. As with all the Proximity Edge data centres there are meeting rooms available and kitchen access.


Liverpool has 3 MW of power available with full UPS supported by multiple generators and 85,000 litres of fuel for power backup. All the power is sourced from renewable energy providers including wind and solar adding to your company’s Green credentials.


The site boasts multiple network providers via two diverse routes with the ability to terminate into multiple points within the facility.

Download our datasheet for more information about our Liverpool data centre.


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Partnering with our communities

Teaching first-hand digital skills to the next generation

We work with universities, local government and communities at our data centre locations to support a technical learning programme to prepare local young people for exciting new careers in the digital economy.

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Reducing our environmental impact

Developing a network of green data centres

Each of our data centre sites use renewable energy solutions, including battery storage, solar and wind power. Our grid electricity is sourced from 100% renewable providers.

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Keeping your customers connected

Overcoming latency to meet demand

Global businesses require data to be available without delays. We help reduce congestion, simplify delivery and get information to customers fast.

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