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Working with our site-based engineering teams we are able to offer 24/ 7 support, 365 days of the year to meet the most stringent SLAs and support your data whenever you need it. Our engineering teams also provide a suite of comprehensive services from remote hands through to full installation and migration services, making sure your data transitions smoothly.

Our in-house central service desk is staffed 24/7 to ensure we always meet customer SLAs. Working hand in hand with our service management teams, we also provide regular reporting to ensure optimal service delivery.

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Local business IT infrastructure

Find out how our regional edge data centres can help you

We provide secure edge data centre colocation where you need it. Achieve low latency, fast connectivity and low transit costs with our network of UK regional edge data centres for co-location, data recovery, content delivery and more.

Partnering with our communities

Teaching first-hand digital skills to the next generation

We work with universities, local government and communities at our data centre locations to support a technical learning programme to prepare local young people for exciting new careers in the digital economy.

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Reducing our environmental impact

Developing a network of green data centres

Each of our data centre sites use renewable energy solutions, including battery storage, solar and wind power. Our grid electricity is sourced from 100% renewable providers.

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Keeping your customers connected

Overcoming latency to meet demand

Global businesses require data to be available without delays. We help reduce congestion, simplify delivery and get information to customers fast.

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A comprehensive guide to Edge Computing and how you can harness its power

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