UK wide network of regional edge data centres

Why Edge Data Centres?

Edge data centres are designed to support applications and services by reducing latency and IP transit costs. In doing so, this improves the end user experience by processing data and services as close to them as possible.
The edge has never been more accessible or necessary for business growth. Locating at the edge is essential for businesses who want to keep pace with the rising demand for more data at higher speeds because of the rise of 5G, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, Cloud gaming and other streaming entertainment services.


Edge computing delivers a stronger end UX – a key differentiator for your customers when choosing a service or platform

IoT and 5G

Ultra-low latency is a key requirement for delivering future IoT and 5G technologies and applications


Distributing traffic between edge data centres provides added security whilst ensuring no individual centre exceeds its maximum capacity or becomes a single point of failure


Eliminate the cost of infrastructure upgrades to support increasing power and cooling demands.


IT infrastructure is demanding more and more power and an typical rack now requires 4kW – twice as much as an average UK home


Re-purpose onsite IT space for office use or rental savings

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Our Approach

Our focus is on having edge data centres within 15 miles of 95% of the UK population – simplifying business, reducing costs and complexity with 1 service contract, 1 SLA and 1 set of business terms for all the sites . A centralised offering at a decentralised delivery.

Some of the more well known online businesses can lose $000,000’s per hour if their IT systems go down and the reputational damage can even more damaging.

Whilst we have customers who are both large and small, we know that their data is equally important to them which is why we strive so hard to protect it.

1000s of customers

across the UK including large global brands

768K+ Sq ft

of space across 10 centres


A comprehensive guide to Edge Computing and how you can harness its power

    Performance and Service:
    • Our edge colocation data centres are all tier 3 standard giving you peace of mind that your IT infrastructure will be supported 100% of the time
    • Onsite engineers offering remote hands services
    • 100% uptime service
    • ISO9001, 14001,27001
    • Edge Colocation data centres are also connectivity hubs and we have plenty of choice of service providers with fibre, including dark, available
    • 24/7 Security with perimeter fencing and other protection measures
    • Each site has VESDA to provide heightened fire protection
    • Data centres fully owned and managed by Proximity Data centres, the UK division of nLighten
    • Full perimeter fencing protecting the data centre
    • Multilayer access control
    • CCTV, VESDA and IG55 fire suppression for complete peace of mind
    Bespoke configuration:
    • Whether you need a ¼ rack to a bespoke private cage, Proximity Data Centres, the UK division of nLighten, can support you with the best data centres services in the UK market
    • 20 locations all within 15 miles of 95% the UK population
    • 1 SLA, 1 Contract, 1 Access process for 95% of the UK
    • Migrate up from ¼ rack to a full suite or from 1 data centre to 20 depending on your business requirements
    • With 75% of data forecast to be hosted at the edge by 2025, and Proximity delivering 95% coverage of the UK population by the end of 2021, you ensure your business is IoT and 5G ready
    • Full suite of connectivity services from 100Mb to 100Gb from our suppliers. Full resilient services including firewalls available

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    Use Case - Gaming

    Consider the following for a regional edge data centre in an area serving a population of 1,500,000 based on a computer gaming user case:

    1. If each user requires 20Mbps and 25% of the population are gamers (a conservative estimate) this would mean potentially 375,000 users in the region
    2. Approximately 260K will be simultaneous users at peak times such as evenings and weekends
    1. Despite advances in compression, a 2:1 ratio of up to 30 x 100 Gps circuits will be required to service this growing community to give the best end user experience
    2. Edge deployment could reduce this to 2 x 100Gps as less IP traffic traffic needs to be backhauled and most data can be kept locally. In addition the reduction in latency will be significant so giving a far better user experience.

    Implementation Journey


    To pinpoint your key requirements and refine which services best suit your needs


    Our partners can audit your existing setup and take back ups of all stored data


    If required, any existing equipment will be disassembled and put in secure boxes for transportation


    Installation of existing or new equipment at Proximity site

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    Our Edge Data Centres

    Across all centres, we provide the following:

    Power Metering
    Fire Suppression
    Power FeedsA+B
    UPS N+1
    Standby GeneratorsN+1
    Monitored Security Cameras
    Security Access entry
    Diverse fibre entry points
    Concurrently maintainable infrastructure
    Client Access 7x24x365
    On-site engineers
    Storage for deliveries
    Client Wi-Fi and amenities

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    Edge Data Centre Common Questions


    • The benefit of an edge data centre approach is that you can expand and contract as required. The key is ensuring that your data centre is as close to your end customers as possible which is why we have a network across the UK for you to choose from


    • Any business that needs to ensure data reaches its destination with speed. This is often key for Gaming, Entertainment and Financial institutions but increasingly consumers of any sector come to expect minimal latency when using services
    • Businesses who need to remain flexible to the changing demands of their consumer base – especially with the increase of 5G and IoT services. Edge data centres allow you to expand and contract as your business evolves
    • Content Delivery Networks who backhaul ever increasing amounts of data to a centralised data centre. They can avoid potential ‘bottle necks’ at these centralised locations by locating data on the edge

    2K+ racks

    across our 6 data centres

    18 MW power

    across our data centres

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        A comprehensive guide to Edge Computing and how you can harness its power

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