Get lower latency and bandwidth savings by locating your cloud environments closer to your users – wherever in the UK they are.

  • Scale with customer demand
  • Distributed on-ramps and local caching
  • Single point of support contact
  • One contract, multiple sites

As businesses use ever more intensive applications, they’re looking for more reliable public cloud connections to meet their strict performance needs. So, achieving a quicker application response time will help public cloud providers gain a competitive advantage as well as cost savings from reduced data transport.

Proximity’s network of UK edge data centres gives public cloud providers local caching services and distributed on-ramps so your clients can securely and directly connect their private networks with your public cloud. With a regional data centre you can reduce latency times and scale efficiently as your customer demand grows by processing your public cloud data closer to your end users.

All our data centre sites also offer on-site customer support with a single point of contact, standardised SLAs and reporting, and a simple contracting model. So, you’ll only have to manage one contract for as many UK sites as you need.

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Tier one ISP increases UK network coverage via Proximity’s Nottingham and Chester Gates edge colocation data centres UK – 7 September


Edge data centres are vital to avoid network congestion in the UK. Akamai, one of the leading CDNs recently announced a

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