The need for speed: redefining data centres

February 12, 2021
The need for speed

While the comparatively few established hyperscale data centre operators will continue to address the majority of high-end compute and storage demand from the hyperscalers – for supporting their global cloud regions – other data centre providers must increasingly specialise. Providing hybrid cloud or micro edge solutions for deployment right at the network edge is one example. 

Others will focus on redefining the traditional colocation data centre model. 

Unlike hyperscale data centres or indeed, more traditional colocation facilities, this new category of regional edge colocation provider is focused on addressing the latency and data transit costs issues facing customers in the modern hyperconnected digital economy. This is where Proximity fits in. But unlike micro facilities, these will also offer the security, space, power, cooling and scalability for future-proofing requirements. 

How and why? 

Using private or hybrid clouds (public and private) an internet edge data centre can effectively extend the cloud right down to the local level, much closer to users, machines, IoT sensors and devices. With much shorter distances involved it can therefore process and analyse huge data volumes in real-time, only sending the less time-critical data not requiring processing or storing locally to far-off centralised data centres – for archiving or perhaps further analysis. 

This way, data collection and transmission over 5G wireless and/or fixed fibre networks gets executed super-efficiently with no time-lag thanks to a much more seamless connection: from the user or IoT sensor to the local edge computing data centre.  

The key here is delivering low latency end-to-end connectivity. 

This is the way forward to enabling instantaneous responses, allowing faster more accurate decision-making and exceptional user experience: be this a financial transaction; mobile app request; computer game; branch office user; triggering an alarm on a factory floor; controlling a driverless vehicle. 

Moving forwards, fit for purpose edge micro, regional edge colo and hyperscale data centres all have an important role to play. However, ensuring security, resilience, power, excellent connectivity and scalability as well as price competitiveness will always remain a prerequisite.

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