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Intelligent Data Centres Magazine – January 2021 – Page 7

15th January 2021

Hello and a Happy New Year to you! Welcome to the latest edition of Intelligent Data Centres and the first of 2021. As we look ahead to a new year in the hopes that it will bring much more certainty than the last, we consider some of the technology trends from 2020 that are set to shape those of 2021, and how the data centre industry is expected to develop…


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Partnering with our communities

Teaching first-hand digital skills to the next generation

We work with universities, local government and communities at our data centre locations to support a technical learning programme to prepare local young people for exciting new careers in the digital economy.

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Reducing our environmental impact

Developing a network of green data centres

Each of our data centre sites use renewable energy solutions, including battery storage, solar and wind power. Our grid electricity is sourced from 100% renewable providers.

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Keeping your customers connected

Overcoming latency to meet demand

Global businesses require data to be available without delays. We help reduce congestion, simplify delivery and get information to customers fast.

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