Move to Proximity’s Swindon edge data centre a reality for The GRID Factory

July 1, 2022

Proximity Data Centres has revealed that The GRID Factory has selected its facility in Swindon to support their platform for delivering Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences.

The GRID Factory designs high performance, bespoke solutions using the latest NVIDIA GPU and XR streaming technologies to deliver data centre grade, immersive environments. The company was attracted to Proximity’s 89,000 sq ft Edge 7 Swindon data centre where a total of 7MW power is currently available with potential to increase to 14MW as well as easy access to digital fibre routes connecting London to Ireland and the USA. It is also highly accessible to the major R&D hub at Harwell which is home to numerous research organisations in biotech, genome, and space-tech.

“GRID Factory is proud to have worked alongside top companies from around the world,” said Ben Jones, Founder and CTO, The GRID Factory. “Our expert engineers have delivered a variety of Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences for partners and clients including NVIDIA, Autodesk, Cavrnus, BT, EE, Vodafone, Coventry University, Ericsson, Hyperbat and DivisionX.”

He added: “As an Immersive Technology Integrator who specialise in NVIDIA technologies such as CloudXR, vGPU, Omniverse and EGX Server, we make major demands on data centre power, connectivity, and engineering support. Proximity has ticked all the boxes in this respect when it comes to power availability, scalability, low latency, and onsite support.”

John Hall, Managing Director – Colocation, Proximity Data Centres said: “We are delighted that Proximity is able to support The GRID Factory’s growing needs where the latest high-performance servers and low latency connectivity are a prerequisite for delivering data-centre grade, highly immersive XR environments.”

Proximity Edge 7 in Swindon is part of Proximity’s expanding UK network of interconnected regional edge data centres which also includes sites in Birmingham, Bridgend, Nottingham, Rugby, Liverpool, Chester Gates and Wakefield. The company expects to have 20 sites available within the next 12 months, all in close proximity to major conurbation areas.

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